Welcome to Farestalds Eliten v. Karina Mikkelsen

Welcome to Farestalds Eliten v. Karina Mikkelsen

We farmers are proud of our work.

I have looked after pigs for 26 years. I have been there when there was adversity and when there was prosperity. Helped me fight for the good results. Learned things the hard way and got on top of it.

When I started looking after pigs there weren’t that many sows and there weren’t that many live births, so the material we have today has to be handled in a different way. With all the live births also come all the mini pigs. They can be a big challenge if you don’t know how to handle them.

And I could go on! I am very happy and proud of my profession. I became a counselor because of my health, because after so many years in a stable of dangers, the traces set in.

I myself believe that I can offer you farmers top advice, with the experience I have in my backpack, as well as my view on things, as I am a practitioner down to the tips of my fingers.

As I always say: “don’t make it harder than it is”


I applied a few weeks ago, someone to help me with my client in Latvia 🐽Rikke signed up for that challenge👏 I know Rikke from a good customer I have, Rikke is very good at her work, so it occurred to me that she wanted to try something else🙂 But such a person as she is, I have chosen and hired Rikke per 1 January 2023👏🐽

Rikke’s tasks will be to train new staff, therefore I/we offer that if you have got some new employees and they have to learn the daily routines REALLY from day 1, then Rikke can come for several days in a row. it can be 1 week , 2 weeks, some single days maybe 3 weeks in a row or similar😁

Rikke is 30 years old, has been looking after pigs for 14 years and for the last 8 years only pig barn manager, she is used to larger herds and is good at teaching new employee routines, etc.

She is highly motivated and looks forward to being able to make a difference 😀in everyday life and help the new employees get the best start👏

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