Who are we?

Karina Mikkelsen 43 years old, married to Jimmy, we have two children aged 16 and 22.

  • I have looked after pigs for 21 years, have had many students under my wing, Danish and foreign.
  • 10 years with breeding animals and 11 years with production herd.
  • I have had stable schools at my workplace, so people came to me and saw mine every day.
  • Held lectures at the pig congress in Herning and at the pig congress in Barcelona.


1997 - 2003Reproduction 450 LL sows
2001Completed training as a farmer
2003 - 2008Production herd 650 sows
2008 - 2009Production herd 800 sows
2009Management course, Disc profile
2009 - 2014Production herd 1600 sows
2014 - 2018Breeding center Trekanten 800 YY sows
2018 - 2020Pig adviser
2020 -Self-employed pig advisor

The way I advise:

  • The very first thing, which I think is the most important thing in advising others, is that I meet people where they are, then we work from there.
  • 1st visit, get an overview of the problem situation, ask about the different work routines.
  • Agree on 5 most important things, those things will be put into action.
  • 2nd visit follow-up on the last and new measures are implemented.
  • It is important that you take a few measures at a time, that way you can keep an overview of things.
  • If you lose track of the new initiatives, things will not get done.

I am very much in favor of “hands on” advice, it is in the practical that most people learn best and not the theoretical.

REMEMBER that you are “never stronger than the weakest link” and no one is done learning, incl. myself.

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